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Rent a car Amsterdam, Holand: Car rental at Naniko in Amsterdam

Get closer to Amsterdams’ free spirit!
Amsterdam – The city of freedom, multiple choices, beauty and joy…
The city, among the most appealing capitals world wide, with magnificent canals, bridges, elegant houses. The best place for living or just for visiting.
Going to Amsterdam? Great!

Naniko Car Rental in Amsterdam

Do you expect to have a wonderful holiday, weekend or business trip?
Or you plan to visit Van Gogh museum or Anne Frank’s house? Maybe another attractions of the city such as: famous windmills of Amsterdam, Keukenhof Gardens, world of the tulips close to the capital, variety of city parks and museums…
You’re thrilled, full of joy about your upcoming journey and can’t wait for its starting. Nothing can interfere your plans. Well, nothing but inconvenient transportation: when you can’t find the way to the hotel or to the sightseeing and you’re getting confused on the roads of Amsterdam – all that can turn your dream journey, into a very unpleasant one. If you are in Netherlands, you should only care to be happy and feel free… You’re expecting to get memory, lasting during the lifetime, but everything turns opposite.
Hire an auto in Amsterdam, at the company Naniko and leave behind all problems related with transformation! Our job means to look after everything, named above and far more!
We provide:
Best possible maintenance,
Professional and friendly attitude,
Comfortable cars, with every possible, up to date, accessories,
Easy booking and limitless mileage…
Our, many years’ experience, trained staff, comfortable cars, will make your trip unforgettable, twenty-four hours, seven days a week.
Every person, who has entrusted their safety us, returns to our company; We study every feedback attentively, because the best reward we can get, is your satisfaction and friendship. Plan your travel with us and we guarantee five star service for you!