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The ancient city of Gyumri, the same Alexandropol or as later called as Leninakan, in the old days was divided into several areas, or so-called Mailah. There are rich and poor people always lived side by side, and the architecture of the city was so advanced and elegant as funds allow its inhabitants. The difference between rich and poor people characterized not by the quality of the buildings, but by the quantity. But even the most modest edifices defer for their style and attention to small details. All Gyumri region is considered one of the oldest settlements of Armenia. Here, during archaeological excavations in Kumayri was found the house of 3000 years old, which was inhabited until the end of the 19th century. Also the ruins of the seventh century church were discovered, which were then described in the book Chirac, written by historian and priest of 19th century, Ghevond Alishan.
The history of Gyumri dates back to the Paleolithic. During the construction of the fortress of Alexandroupoli in 1875 it was found a military cemetery with bronze objects of the second millennium BC and these findings to date are stored in the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg.

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