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Naniko Reviews

Denis, Moscow, Russia
A marvelous company! Despite the fact that I don’t tend to praise anything no matter what it did for me because I know that’s how the world works, nevertheless this company definitely deserved it! I was in Armenia on a business trip and was doomed to tedious trips. Additional problem was that I also had to travel to Georgia a lot. That’s where Naniko saved me! Naniko is nearly the only company that has representatives in Georgia and as well in Armenia, does not request payment for each border crossing and does not overprice the service. I’m thankful for brightening my almost a month long business trip.

Andrey Samokhin, Kiev, Ukraine

We spent vacation in Georgia with big company. We prefer to rent an off-road -Land Rover Discovery 2. Started from mountainous region of Svaneti. I advise everyone to see this region. Mountain landscapes are breathtaking, especially Mestia and Ushguli. But be careful! Required reliable transport, since a country road in the mountains are not good and have dizzying turns. So take a car from car rental company Naniko. In this adventure tour reliability and quality are the must.

Marina, Saratov, Russia

In May, we visit with friends in Georgia. We decided to drive through the country by car ourselves. Our Georgian friends suggested the hire car from car rent company Naniko. Indeed, the company was very solid. In half an hour we have signed a contract, they provided us with GPS navigator and we have started our Georgian voyage: we have seen Kakheti, even in the desert have visited David Garedji, I strongly advise everyone to see this cave monastery complex, it is really impressive. We have visited other sites as well: Ananuri, Kazbegi. Got a lot of impressions. In Georgia you could spend great time! There are a lot of cozy hotels and hostels.

Vaclav, Krakov, Poland

Me and my wife for a long time planned to visit Kakheti region, in order to see town of love Signaghi, other holy sites of St. Nino, to explore Georgian wine producing technology. All these are possible in many villages and towns of Kakheti wine region of Georgia! We got the car for rent from a company Naniko. The trip was great. The company has a wide of cars selection, but it’s better to take bigger vehicle, if you want to go to different places of the country. European service and high quality.

Nyriel Sorendson, Beersheba, Israel

Cool country, great nightlife, discos. Especially recommend you Charden street in Tbilisi and “Papila” and “Arena Club” in Batumi! This is awesome! It’s better to take car from the well-known companies as Naniko. We got the car at the airport. The next year we plan to come back again. I and my friends liked it. Roads in the province are not always good, but the experience in overall is positive.

Yana, Lena, Sveta, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Our cheerful company decided to take the car from the company Naniko. In summer, always take it with a refrigerator, as in Georgia in the summer’s terribly heat. My advice: do not forget to check availability of air conditioning. The most population speaks understandable Russian. Its reasonable to take a car, it is very profitable, you can travel through almost the entire country, a guided tours are at quite expensive several times, and so we took the vehicle for 59 €, plus gasoline, I do not remember how much it costs, we were given a road map at the Naniko office, and more advises interesting sites. And on the way we met very responsive people, happy to explain how to drive. In short, the holiday was successful. So cooperate with Naniko!

Krasislav, Trzyniec, Czech

My friends and I flight on vacation to Georgia. Ordered the car on the internet at the rental company Naniko, by estimate value-for-money and read traveler reviews of rental firms. Prices for cars start at about 45 £ per day. Was misunderstanding with navigator, but Naniko have replaced it by another good on the mid-way in the other office of Naniko. In general, you can safely trust this office!