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About worldwide rent a car company Naniko

Today the car rental company NANIKO is a great leader in the world market. The concept of innovation, a lot of management works and the significance of each client has made the company the leader.

Foundation history of international company NANIKO

The history of company begins in 1994 in Georgia. A young team of enthusiastic founders of business association CONCORD GROUP decided to found a new car rental company. It was an interesting but risky move on the assumption of the political situation in the country. In those years there was no company that was operating in this area so it is worth noting the fact that at that time there were no professional managers in this profile which had experience. It was pretty difficult. We had to start everything from scratch but on the other hand this factor played the most important role in the company’s history. The management team has created a completely new system at the local market and has become an innovator of many ideas.

Managers have created a car rent company CONCORD MOTORS. In the carport were only five vehicles: two sedans, two SUVs and one minivan. On the assumption of complex economic and political situation in the country the main goal of managers has become to achieve high service at a low price to operate the company without losses. Important task was to find regular local and incoming customers and attract regular corporate clients. On the way there were many obstacles from the bureaucratic system but an incredible work, integrity, faith in themselves has made the an incredible act and the company has become a leader in this business. Already in 2004 the company had a hundred of vehicles and they could serve many tourists, residents, local and international corporate clients.

Global brands became our clients such as: Hotel chain Marriott, Sheraton, Starwood, and international companies, embassies of Japan, England, America, etc. During this period other car rental companies entered the Georgian market and also began operating but in spite of this CONCORD MOTORS remained the leader in the market. In 2004 the managers of the company together with American partners decided to found joint international car rental company NANIKO. The question is why NANIKO Here is a story: Partners being in the apartment of one of the founders thought long and hard about the title. Based on the factors that the company should have been global they needed available domains. This was complicated task to invent name for the company because there were not available domains. During the long discussion daughter of one of the founder named Naniko came into the room and invited guests to hot tea and sweets and all cried NANIKO? There was an idea and the partners immediately checked the domains and found out that all international and local domains were free. Unanimously was decided to name the company after Naniko, since this name is ancient and interesting origin.

Naniko is a pet name and it comes from the name of Nana. Nana was the wife of the Georgian King Mirian. During his reign, Georgia was baptised. This is a very popular name in Georgia.

From this date the company has formed a concept based on the experience and business model that has made it so successful. Offices were opening in succession, starting with Tbilisi, then Kutaisi, Batumi and so on to further franchises. The NANIKO company founded its first franchise in Armenia after in Azerbaijan after in Kazakhstan, Latvia and Lithuania. Managers of the company have always cared about the partners and each time studying the new market were giving the appropriate model of operating. On the local and global market NANIKO became more and more successful, popular and competitive. The company in the difference from its competitors has different policy of management. Experienced managers live in different countries and cities during few months and work and participate in training of new managers and employees of companies that own franchise. Based on the result, we can proudly say that the NANIKO company has created a unique concept of business. We note the following:

• The company was able to provide high-quality service at low prices.
• Based on the desires of the consumer cars are offered without restrictions of kilometers.
• In addition to the insurance in case of accident, theft, liability to the third person, the company has included in the cost the insurance for health without any extra fee.
• The company also allows an additional driver to drive a car.
• Franchise owners must declare an offer once in a month for at least one week.

Future plans

The car rental company NANIKO in the near future plans to found new branches in different European, Asian and Latin American countries, using the same concepts and techniques that have been successful in the existing markets. Management of the company together with the staff is trying to please with these innovations and stimulate their loyal customers and attract new. You rent a car in NANIKO and instantly get into the world of mind and comfort. Welcome to our world of innovation where you are looked after by professionals of their affairs