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Лонг-Бич – город, наполненный жизненной силой и солнечными пляжами

Ежегодно неисчислимое количество туристов посещают США, страну, которая является причиной грез и мечтаний и представляет собой ярчайший пример западной цивилизации, где возможно найти множество притягательного на любой вкус. Любители морского отдыха, солнца и теплого климата, однозначно захотят посетить Калифорнию.

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Kansas City – everything you can see in the big city of Missouri

The American state of Missouri takes its name from the Indian tribe the Siouan of Missouri, which in translation means a canoe. As the largest and most crowded city in the state, Kansas City has a populace of 450,000 inhabitants, which reaches one and a half million, taking into account the adjacent city belonging to the state of Kansas.

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Sacramento is a beautiful city in California

Perhaps not many will know that Sacramento is the capital of the wonderful American state of California, although the city is not as populous as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Here, as in most of California, people speak two languages, English and Spanish. Sacramento was founded by John Sutter, Jr., in 1848, during the years of the famous gold rush, and was the most important point of linking roads, river transport, also of the transcontinental railroad.

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Fresno – city of magnificent nature reserve, wild flora and parks in the heart of California

Fresno, disposed in central California, namely in the San Joaquin Valley, has a populace of approximately 500,000 inhabitants. Usually it was not included in tourist routes among the pointes between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but in recent years increased the interest of travelers who consider Fresno as an alternative and something different from the usual LA and San Francisco routes . In particular, great attention in Fresno can be played to cultural attractions, including museums and theme parks.

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Tucson – the city of rapidly growing economy and the ex capital of Arizona

Tucson, disposed in the south of Arizona and 100 km from the frontier with Mexico, has a populace of more than 500,000 inhabitants. Its name comes from the Spanish and means “the base of black color”, which is a clear reference to the existence in this territory of volcanic mountains.

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Albuquerque – town of New Mexico, intersected by the Rio Grande

Albuquerque is most populous city in New Mexico. Crossed by the Rio Grande river, Albuquerque is a huge metropolis with a populace of about 750,000 people, which is almost half the state’s population.

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Milwaukee – the city of the famous Harley-Davidson and Happy Days

Milwaukee is a beautiful city with a population of about 575,000 inhabitants, disposed in the southeast of Wisconsin and being its capital. It is also the cultural and economic center of the region, where numerous annual events are held attracting thousands of tourists from all over the United States. Milwaukee is just called as the city of festivals.

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Louisville – the city of the famous Kentucky Derby

Louisville, which was the most important center of river transport during the conquests of the Wild West, even to this day is the largest city of Kentucky, with a population exceeding 550 thousand inhabitants, and is also the center of Jefferson County.

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Oklahoma City – one of the pages of American history

Being the largest city and the capital of the state of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City has a populace of about 540,000 inhabitants, the number of which is increasing up to 1.3 million, taking into account the metropolitan area of ​​Oklahoma City Shawnee. The city is disposed in the heart of the state, in the southern part of the Great Plains and is a major industrial center specializing in the aerospace and petrochemical industries.

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Portland is a city of hipsters in Oregon

This American city, placed in Oregon, has gradually become a famous place for bike lovers, for followers of healthy and organic food, and also of natural beer. Portland, with a populace of more than two million people, is disposed in the north of the state, in the most densely inhabited region, called Willamette Valley. The city is divided into two parts by the Willamette River, flowing into the Columbia River.

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