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Atlanta – the city where become animated the images of history

United States of America is reknown for its noisy and bustling of life cities, in the air of which are a kind of spirit of business, industry and progress. Among such towns is Atlanta, which is rich of a variety of industries, largely through by the work of a huge quantity of people who over the years have moved here to live. In spite of an active lifestyle and progress, although the last time Atlanta has undergone many changes, anywhere can be seen the still preserved remains of bygone eras. In the mid1800s due to fire most of the town was burned, and these historical moments of the city life very vividly shown in the movie, filmed on the novel by Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind.” Who does not remember the gorgeous Scarlett O’Hara, and the days spent by her days in Atlanta. But, let’s step by step discover what we cen see in this city, so rich in historical facts.


Atlanta can be reached by plane from anywhere in the world. In its climate it reflected the impact of the equator, which promotes the presence of heat and humidity in the entire region. The city is prominent for its main metro stations where can be seen the real Underground life of Atlanta, where you can eat in the cafe, or just have a drink or a cup of coffee. An alternative means of transportation are buses, but for those who desire to move freely around the city and beyond are also available the service of car rental in Atlanta.


An interesting and well-known place is the core of the city, called the region of the Five Points, where you can visit the factory that produces the famous soft drink. You can also visit local points of CNN network, open to the public and to buy souvenirs typical of the city and its history. The historical area is considered the area of Martin Luther King, where there is a house in which was born a man received the Nobel Peace Prize, his tomb, and also available the documentary films telling about his wonderful and not so long life.

Peachtree road is disposed in the northern part of the city and is the oldest place where you can admire the buildings and villas of bygone days. Here, in these rich homes until this days live the descendants of the richest families of Atlanta.


Do not miss the chance to visit the beautiful cyclorama of Atlanta, placed a few kilometers from the center and presents a picture of impressive size, 14 meters in height and 120 – in width. It depicts one of the battles during the civil war, which can be viewed in three dimensions using a system located within the historic area. In the evening you can enjoy dinner in the numerous restaurants of Steak house, or spend time shopping in various stores that are open day and night.

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