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Baku as the modern metropolis of Azerbaijan

Baku as it can be notised, over the several recent decades has turned into the really modern capital and spectacular cities in the world.

Great location at the intersection of Europe and Asia and on the west littoral of the Caspian Sea, makes it an appealing place to visit for tourists from different countries. Disposed on the bay of the Absheron Peninsula, the region is extremely rich in oil deposits.

Baku is a cultural, commercial and political center of Azerbaijan. The town has a Metro operated since 1967. It is also a port with a notable importance as the point in the Caspian Sea exchange.

The name of the city apparently comes from its ancient name in Persian language – Badu-Kube and in translation means the City of Wins.

In the Middle Ages this town was reknown with the name of Abaco or Abaku. Being in the twelfth century under the control of the Shirvan Shahs, it was chosen as the capital. Then, from the sixteenth centenary Baku passed into the domain of Iran’s Safavid dynasty and has afterwards became part of the Ottoman Empire. In the first decades of 18th centenary and in particular, in 1723 it was conquered by Peter the Great. Over the following years after that, Baku was the epicenter of fierce battles betwixst Russia and Persia, and in 1806 finally became part of the Russian Empire.

Passing over the communist regime, since 1991, Baku became the capital of the liberated Republic of Azerbaijan.

Learn more interesting facts about the history of the glorious city of Baku!

The historical core of Baku, which is the epitome of old and valuable buildings is under the protection of World Heritage. Here you can see the medieval fortress of Icheri Sheher, to which are leading the narrow and intertwined streets, and this area is surrounded by a special hypnotic atmosphere of antiquity.

Among the most beautiful sights of the city should be noted Maiden Tower, built in the 12th century and which is a proud symbol of the city. From the height of the tower you can observe the  breathtaking views of the old part of the Baku and the bay.

Among the interesting places to visit will certainly listed Shirvanshah Palace, of the beginning of the fifteenth century, where you can see perfectly preserved domes, arches, mosaics and sculptures. Also interesting are the mausoleum, a Turkish bath and a sofa-Khana or tribunal. This complex is often hosts the variety of events and performances by folk music and dance groups.

The city is rich in numerous museums, and the most exciting exhibition can be seen at the Museum of Carpet and Applied Arts, which presents valuable Collections of Azerbaijani carpets, jewelry, metal and carved wooden items. Also interesting is the Museum of History of Azerbaijan, where the huge section is devoted to archeology and various rock drawings of stone, found near the Gobustan.

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