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Chicago – a city of skyscrapers over a grandiose lake

Chicago is listed among the largest cities in the US and is located along the shore of Lake Michigan. Today it is the most important of the financial and industrial centers of the world.
In Chicago, in Downtown or Loop, which is also a historical center, you can see skyscrapers that exceed 108 floors, the highest of which reaches 400 meters in height. There are countless mobile bridges. And Chicago is a recognized world center for blues.
Until 1871, in many areas of Chicago were wooden buildings, which almost completely burned during a huge fire. The fire destroyed about 6 km² of the city, and this disaster lasted for three days, which was the greatest nineteenth-century disaster in the United States, when hundreds of people died.
As a result of significant reconstruction, Chicago became the most important of American cities and here was built the first skyscraper.
For travel around the city, you should take the metro, or an effective alternative is also a car rental service in Chicago.

The first thing that every visitor of the city seeks to do is to go with elevator leading to Skydeck from Sears Tower and admire the city skyline. From here you have a breathtaking view of the largest lake in the US, Michigan, also the city, beautiful at any time of the day or night. After traveling on a high-speed elevator, you can head towards Michigan Avenue, also known as Magnificent Mile. On this main street of the city, you can see the most beautiful buildings, shops and hotels.
In the city you can also see historical buildings preserved from the fire, an old church or a small castle in medieval style, but the prevailing majority of buildings are high-rise. Most of the streets in Chicago are parallel to each other, and the most important distinctive element of the city is the presence of a lake. Lake Michigan is part of the five Great Lakes of America and is entirely within the United States, while other four are located on the border of Canada. You cannot miss the chance to visit this famous lake. Here in summer the water takes the color of the Caribbean Sea, pouring with all shades of green, the beaches are covered with fine white sand and overflowing with holidaymakers taking sun baths or enjoying a walk. In winter, the lake freezes and here you can do your favorite sports. Lake Michigan is navigable and many residents own yachts.

Visit the magnificent cities of America and enjoy a trip to Chicago!

The city is crossed by the Chicago River, which is also navigable. Chicago is a well-planted green city and there is no shortage of parks and public green spaces. The most popular are two parks actively visited by residents: the central Grant Park, which often hosts various events and concerts, and Lincoln Park, which provides access to beautiful beaches.

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