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Dallas – the completely different Texas

For this time your choice for an exciting trip fell on Texas? So, do not think that here you will see only large meadows, cowboys in hats and with spurs on horses and herds of cows or everywhere oil wells. It is enough to visit Dallas to understand immediately that the western corner is hidden in the deepest south of the US, as modern and innovative as one can imagine. Dallas is the most important crossroads for all travelers in the States. The city is equipped with the international airport of Dallas-Fort Worth, which is the third busiest airport in the country, and, accordingly, it is very easy to get here from any part of the world. But, nevertheless, this Texan metropolis for today is listed among the new tourist destinations and really need to plan a trip here. In Dallas, you can see a lot of high-rise buildings, exceeding 200 meters in height and for this reason it is named the 15th highest city in the world.
Many modern architectural compositions are designed by architects belonging to modern and postmodern artistic movements, including Plaza Bank of America, the Renaissance Tower and the Reunion Tower. Famous Chinese and American architect Joh Ming Pei designed the Fountain Place, which is the second tallest in the urban metropolitan area. Also clear examples of postmodern architecture are JPMorgan Chase Tower and Comerica Bank Tower.

Enjoy an amazing symbiosis of the modern atmosphere and the history of the Old West on a trip to Dallas!

Along with modern buildings, Dallas also offers historic buildings dating back to the early 20th century, with small Neo-Gothic buildings, such as the Kirby building, called The Old Girl, or the Davis and Wilson Building of the neo-classical structure of the late 1800s. To date, these palaces have been turned into luxury apartments and not many things that remind of the rich history of the Old West. For example, you can visit the Old Red Courthouse, which now houses a museum, the main tourism office, as well as the existing station of the city railway station.
When visiting Dallas, you should definitely pay special attention to the Dallas Art District, in which more than 19 structures are united. The Dallas Art Museum is the most important landmark in the area and offers a collection of 23,000 works of art. These exhibitions cover more than 5000-year history of different continents. There is also Fair Park, where you can see the largest collection of art deco buildings in the United States. On the territory of 120 hectares of the park there are eight museums open all year round. In addition, Dallas offers great restaurants and shopping centers, where you can certainly get interesting things to remember.

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