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Gomel – the pearl of Belarus, immersed in unspoiled nature

Gomel region, placed in the southeastern part of Belarus has a border with Russia and Ukraine. The territory occupied by this region is 40400 square km., which is one-fifth of the total territory of the state. According to recent reports in the whole region there are 1,438,300 people, of which about 500,000 live in its administrative center in Gomel.
The climate in these areas is temperate continental, hot summers and mild winters.
The region is crossed by several rivers, the largest of which are navigable river Dnepr, Sozh, Berezina and Pripyat.

As the capital and many other cities of the country, Gomel was badly damaged during the Second World War, when as a result of continuous bombing destroyed thousands of industrial plants, power stations and burned more than 1,000 villages. As a result of this severe and annihilating attack Gomel was destroyed almost at 80 percent. Back-breaking labor and efforts of residents and government the city gradually revived from the ashes after the war.

Today, Gomel and entire region is an interesting place to visit due to the magnificent nature and exciting attractions. There are three recreation park, two large zoos in Zhlobin, many historical and cultural sites, the total number of which is 1360, and various archaeological sites. Region is rich also of museums, among which are the Gomel regional museum, art museum and two galleries of the history and present of the Gomel.

Visit the magnificent attractions and natural areas of Gomel and get an unforgettable experience!

For two centuries it stands a magnificent palace of Rumyantsev- Paskevich with its adjacent beautiful park that demonstrates the incomparable example of classical architecture.
Not far from Gomel is Pripyat National Park, where you can find really extraordinary landscapes. It really is a unique place on the planet where preserved the primeval floodplain oak forests. The park covers an area of 75,000 hectares, and there are more than 30 lakes, a small river flows, it is inhabited by many different species of animals and by a large number of rare bird species, which include the black stork, owl, gray crane and others. It is possible to make ecological tours, but by the desire of visitors also organized the romantic trips to Pripyat.
For those wishing to have a vacation in this region given in disposition the 3 resort, a lot of guest houses and holiday cents, student health centers and dispensaries, also 29 summer camps.
The city and the region has well-developed infrastructure and offers numerous hotels of different categories.

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