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Kutaisi – ancient city of mysterious stories and the birthplace of the famous Golden Fleece

Kutaisi is the ancient capital of the united Georgia, for today the center of Imereti region and the second in its scale city of the country after Tbilisi. The occupied by the town area is about 65 square kilometers and has a populace of approximately 186 000 inhabitants. Disposed on both banks of the river Rioni in Kolkheti valley creates the magnificent landscapes, pleasing  the eyes of the visitor.
Foundation of the city dates back to the period more than 3,500 years ago and according to Greek mythology, it was exactly the place where Jason and Argonauts arrived in search of the famous Golden Fleece.

In the tenth century, King Bagrat III who united Georgia, named Kutaisi as the first capital of a united state and made it as the place of his residence, having built here as a symbol of the unity of the beautiful Bagrati Cathedral. It stands on a hill, revealing breathtaking views of the city and is amongst of the sacred places of Georgia. Unfortunately, after the restoration of 2012, little has remained of the medieval architecture.

Kutaisi remained as a single Georgian capital for 124 years until 1122, when King David the Builder liberated Tbilisi from the Arab invaders and the capital was moved to Tbilisi.

Among the attractions of Kutaisi should be noted Caves of Prometheus, representing an exciting spectacle. This name takes its origin from a legend that in the shadow of Mount Khvalmi was chained Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to bring it to the people. Here you can see an environment rich in stalactites and stalagmites, lakes, underground rivers, waterfalls and rock anthropomorphic formations.

Gelati Monastery also located in Kutaisi allows to plunge into the atmosphere of medieval academy, built by order of King David II, where for centuries worked the greatest theologians and philosophers of the time. Here you can see well-preserved and breathtaking frescoes of the period from XII to XVII century.

The Monastery Motsameta is placed in a quiet and remote from the town location, among splendid nature and high mountains. It is much less then Gelati and famous more not for  preserved frescoes, but for attractive entertainment of the location on a rocky terrain, overlooking the dizzying canyon stretched to the snowy Caucasus-the-line.

Kutaisi, located at the intersection of roads connecting the eastern and western part of the country, is the perfect starting point to start traveling to other regions of Georgia. Arriving here it is facilitated by the presence of an international airport, where many international flights are carried out.

Away from the center is udidet building the new Parliament, which is a very impressive example of contemporary modern architecture, the work of the Spanish architect Alberto Domingo Cabo.

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