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The legendary city of Belarus – Mogilev

About the name of Mogilev there are numerous different legends and traditions, of which the most spread one is the one that is linked with the name of Prince Lev Mogiya, which in 1267 built a fortress at the conflux of the Dnieper River and Dubravinka. Another well-known legend tells of a mighty man Masek, who was buried here and over his grave was poured large tumulus known as the Tomb of the lion.

In written mention of Mogilev in appears in the list of Russian cities, dating back to the XIV century.

The entire region of Mogilev is rich in museums, which provide different information about the history, nature and style of life of local residents. It also presents a variety of showrooms exhibiting masterpieces of both domestic and foreign artists, rare manuscripts, archaeological finds and much more, which attracts many tourists.

Amongst the significant sights of the town are monuments of Christian architecture, among which is the St. Nicholas Monastery, comprising the oldest Orthodox Shrine of St. Nicholas of the 16th centуnary. The sad fact is that in the 17th century the church was burned and later began its restoration. After almost four decades, the rehabilitation of the sanctuary was ended in the Baroque style. Here are preserved wall paintings of different times, the oldest of which are under the dome, also the carved iconostasis of wood.

Another valuable structure that attracts not only religious people is the Church of St. Stanislaus. It hosts the annual International Festival of Sacred Music Mighty God, the purpose of which is to bring together Christians of various denominations. Initially, in 1155, this area was a monastery of the Order of Carmelites, uniting the poor monks – participants of the Crusades. The temple was of a wooden structure, which was burned in a fire. Then, on the orders of Peter the Great was erected a stone church. Today, the frescoes of biblical themes, preserved here are of great artistic value.

Know more facts about the history of the glorious city of Mogilev!

Among the historical and architectural monuments of Mogilev can be distinguished the Palace of Bishop George Konissky, active figure of his time, who fought for the purity of the Orthodox faith. From entire palace complex have survived only one building of several floors, which houses the Museum of Mogilev. The facade of the edifice is clearly marked with elements of the Baroque style.

Another distinctive architectural construction is the City Hall of 1578, which is a symbol of the municipal government of Mogilev. Initially, the town hall was made of wood, then was rebuilt several times.