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San – Francisco – the most beautiful city of the United States

Founded in the late 18th century, San – Francisco is today the fourth largest city in the state and the second throughout the United States by population density after New York.
It significantly stands out from all the other cities in California because of its architectural style, which clearly shows the combination of Victorian and modern styles, which turns it into the most “European city” on the west coast.

Traveling to San Francisco the sceneries that you see from the window of the car are great and definitely Californian. It is virtually continuous areas of green fields, orange and peach plantations, hills and farms with fences for horses.
It is necessary to note one interesting fact. You probably remember the Windows screensaver on almost all PCs, which shows two green hills with a tree. Well, so you have to know that this landscape actually exists, and it is along this path, but if you observe, then surely can find it!
Yes, in fact, San – Francisco, perhaps the most beautiful and picturesque town of California.


Since the accommodation in San Francisco in the hotels really expensive, can be a good idea to go the town of Oackland, which is directly opposite the Bay Bridge, only 10 minutes drive from San Francisco and the hotel prices are much cheaper. Especially if you have a car rental, it will be an excellent and cost-effective solution.
San – Francisco is disposed on the same named peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is connected to the rest of the mainland by two bridges, the most famous of which is the Golden Gate Bridge.


To start the tour in San Francisco, you can visit the classic attractions listed in any travel guide: Lombard Street, Painted ladies, Victorian houses on Alamo Square, also Downtown, which is the commercial and business district.
Golden Gate Bridge each year painted in a distinctive orange color, in order to be visible even in thick fog. In fact, a true delight to admire this impressive wonder of modern technology, which at the time of its construction was the largest suspension bridge in the world with 2.7 km length.

Then worth the visit the park with the same name, which is not in the immediate vicinity of the bridge, but a few kilometers distant. Golden Gate Park is a green oasis of the metropolis and is even larger than Central Park in New York. This is one of the most visited parks in the United States, and it contains a number of theme parks, a lot of buildings, 10 km of cycle paths and 1 million trees. Since the visit everything in a short time is almost impossible, you can select a beautiful Japanese garden and a futuristic California Academy of Sciences.

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