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Sarajevo – a proud bastion of the nation and fascinating European capital

Its noted that Sarajevo is one of the historically most interesting places in Europe, thanks to its cultural heritage dating back to prehistoric times. After going through different eras of rule of the Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, also passed the stage of communistic domination, Sarajevo today presents visitors its architecture and significant symbols that show these stages of its development over the centuries.
It is often called Jerusalem of Europe due to the traditional and religious diversity, where Catholics, Orthodox and Bosnian Muslims have always lived, communicated and met their everyday life side by side.
Hard times the recent past of Sarajevo are left behind and we can say that the city has almost recovered from the misfortunes of war and conflict that occurred in the 90s of the last century, and now Sarajevo welcomes its guests with its inherent culture and charm that the city has always been distinguished .

Starting the tour of the town from the center, you can visit the famous Bascarsija bazaar, which since ancient times has been a popular shopping destination for artisans and merchants, and now offers a variety of modern shops, typical restaurants and cafes.

Experience the famous hospitality of Sarajevo and visit the unique attractions that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Not far from Sarajevo, you can visit the interesting town of Dubrovnik, driving by car along the coast of the Adriatic Sea and admiring the terrain in the valley of the Neretva River. In the same way between Dubrovnik and Sarajevo, you can stay in the medieval town of Pocitelj and enjoy its unique atmosphere and distinctive architecture.

Among the interesting sights of the city it should be noted the so-called Tunnel of hope that during the siege of Sarajevo and the war of 1992 – 1995 years, had a special strategic importance for the inhabitants of the besieged city. Completely isolated by Serb forces the population had the only opportunity to obtain provisions and food only through this tunnel, which they themselves have started to construct and finished its construction only by mid-1993. Through the tunnel was carried out also a delivery of weapons to the defenders of the city.

Not far from the old town and you can visit the modern part of Sarajevo. Here by the impressive architecture differs the Municipality, which is a clear example of the beautiful Austro-Hungarian buildings, which until 1992 was used as the National Library and, unfortunately, was burned during the war. In the fire 90% of assets were held there been lost forever. In 2014, as a result of a careful renovation, the building was restored and reopened for the public.
You can take an enjoyable stroll on the Ferhadija pedestrian street, where there are many cozy bars and luxury shops.

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