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Sofia – the metropolis of Bulgaria, called a Little Paris

The largest city in Bulgaria and also its capital Sofia currently is a modern and highly dynamic city that has more than one million inhabitants. In the past there was a Thracian village founded by the Serdi tribes, from which it got its first name Serdika.
If you visit Bulgaria and would like to better understand the history, culture and nature of this country, of course, be sure to visit Sofia, which in all its diversity gives perfectly the idea of the many characteristic features of a nation as a whole.

Sofia, based on the way between Belgrade and Constantinople, is very rich in precious Orthodox religious sites. Gateway to the city is the bridge of Eagles, which has witnessed many important historical events. The bridge was built in memory of the Bulgarian citizens sent into exile.
Different stages of the history and influence of the Byzantine and Ottoman domination is clearly expressed in the Christian architecture of the city. The St. Sophia Cathedral is a three-nave basilica of the form of a Greek cross. During the Ottoman rule the cathedral was turned into a mosque. Only in 2013 in the underground vaults of the Basilica was established the Museum, showing the valuable history of 18 centuries.

Incomparable impression can be obtained by visiting the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral which is an amazing building, attracting the attention of both tourists and any visitor. It is the largest functional Cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Bulgaria and second in the Balkans, which can accommodate 5,000 people at a time. Surprising is also the bell tower with its 30 ton bell ringing of which can be heard at a distance of thirty kilometers. Inside are presented the iconostasis of striking beauty and priceless icons of the Virgin, Christ and the patron saint Alexander Nevsky.

Incomparable Sofia awaits everyone with all its hospitality!

Modern Sofia is home to the Sofia State University, the National Art Gallery, the National Library and the Theater. The particular pride of the capital are huge green areas and parks.

The most famous place, also its political center is the Alexander Battenberg’s Square, which in the recent past was the headquarters of the Communist Party of Bulgaria. In addition, here you can see the impressive building of the Royal Palace, which now houses the Ethnographic Museum and the National Art Gallery.
Outside the city, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, sinking in the middle of nature is worth Monastery of Dragalevzi. It was thoroughly rebuilt in the nineteenth century, but from the original structure of the fourteenth century still remained a small church. Here you can see the magnificent frescoes dating from 1476 works of the masters of Tarnovo school.

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