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Tallinn – the city of renewal of artistic beauty and medieval charm

Thanks to intelligent and very refined restoration, Tallinn retained all its charm of a medieval town overlooking the Gulf of Finland. It stands proudly on a hill above the modern city the historical center of the original town of Toompea, and below it is spread All-Linn, or lower town, also well preserved all of its historic value. This Baltic country, and especially its capital, is a very fascinating mix of cultures. Accession to the European Union marked a new chapter in the rich history of Tallinn, which with willingness and enthusiasm move toward a brighter future.

In the city felt the atmosphere of a genuine interest and heartfelt participation of its residents in the development and improvement of many areas of life, a new generation really have a desire to create their own future with their own hands. It can be seen particularly relevant to tourism, which is becoming an essential resource for the development of the country.
In Tallinn’s architecture can be seen a combination of at least three types of architecture: the most characteristic and picturesque style of old Europe, the colonies and massive style of the Soviet era and modern and progressive trends of the new Europe.

In Toompea, in the medieval fortress before was the residence of the nobles of Danish rulers and heads of the Teutonic Order and today here is placed the residence of the Estonian government. According to the legend of the Baltic mythology, this place was built on the hill over the tomb of King Kalev Estonia.

Amazing discoveries and entertaining stories of the past are waiting for you when traveling to Tallinn!

From the foot of Toompea and around it stretches downtown All-Linn, surrounded by more than two kilometers of the medieval walls. Its center Raekoja or urban area is rich in parks and green spaces that stretch along the old defensive moats.

Among the interesting sights of Tallinn should be noted the Town Hall pharmacy that exists here from 1422 and is the oldest pharmacy in Europe. Behind him, having passed through the arch, you can find numerous narrow passages with distinctive names like Saia käik or Saiakang, meaning the way of bread, because here once housed a lot of bakeries. Today, in their place are trendy and cozy bars.
Tallinn is actually the interesting and rich city in which you will not feel the lack of anything. It continually surprises its visitors with a wide variety of aesthetic, historical and architectural. As well as the Tallinn Sea is often the focus of a variety of cultural events, as in 2011 and in the city, you can find numerous activities that attract international interest.

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