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About Russia: Country of phenomena’s

Russia is ranking number one in the world by area, with a huge amount of climate and time zones, and extends for two thirds of the Eurasian continent. The country is bordered by 12 seas. The
Russian capital Moscow is major metropolis.

The country is inhabited by a great number of nationalities and ethnic groups. Russian nature is stunning for its diversity and beauty. The history of the state dates back several centuries. Cultural and historical monuments attract a huge number of professionals and amateurs.

Country stretches for 4,000 km from north to south, almost 10,000 km. from west to east. The country is bordered with 16 states: North Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Lithuania and Poland. Russian characters are: Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin, the famous White Nights of St. Petersburg, the novels of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, Mysterious Lake Baikal and of course Russian Vodka and beautiful birch trees.

Russia is a beautiful country to travel with possibility of unusual and extreme adventures. There are many natural attractions, the 100 national parks and protected areas are located on the territory. The longest river in Europe is the Russian Volga. The mysterious Baikal with unique flora and fauna, unexplored almost underwater world and 20% of the planet’s fresh water.

About Russia

Elbrus – the highest peak of Europe (5642 m), Kluchevskoy – an active volcano (4750 m), gushing geysers of Kamchatka. Nature does not skimp on talents. Russia gave the world such famous names in world literature as F. Dostoevsky, A. Blok, L. Tolstoy, A. Pushkin, S. Yesenin, A. Akhmatova, M. Tsvetaeva, B. Pasternak, I. Bunin and many others.

A large number of Russian monuments are in UNESCO heritage list, here there are only a few of them: the historical center of St. Petersburg, the architectural ensemble of the Kizhi, monuments of Novgorod, Wild Forests of Komi, the mysterious Lake Baikal, the volcanoes of Kamchatka and others.

For the Slavic culture study follow the route of the "Golden Ring of Russia": the Rostov, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Kostroma, Pereslavl’ Zaleski. Also, the State Museum-Reserve "Kizhi". The oldest princely city center Vladimir. Following part of the gold ring is the residence of Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky in the village hierarchy and Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. Town – Museum Suzdal, the temples and monasteries of the Middle Ages, the legendary village Kideksha the temple of Boris and Gleb, presenting you the fragments of the original wall paintings.

Many extraordinary places in Russia made seven wonders of the Russian territories, here are some of them: Derbent wall – of Sassanian times, the length of which is up to 3600 meters. The southern and northern walls are parallel to each other. Here in the Caucasus are the mysterious dolmens (megaliths), spread from the Taman Peninsula (Cape Tuzla) and into the mountainous regions of Krasnodar Krai and Adygea.

Ural Mountains are alive natural boundary between the European and Asian parts of Russia. Ural petroglyphs are ancient examples of rock art, numbering about 5,000 years old, studied about 90 places with ancient drawings on the banks of the river Chusovaya Tagil, Dir, Ufa, Iset, Irbit White in gorges where you can contemplate the works left by the ancient ancestors. Pillars of weathering on Man-Pupu-made design plateau Kungurskaya ice cave – incalculable wealth of the Urals!

About the original and vast Siberian spaces is worth to write a thick volume, so we restrict the beauties and mysteries by Altai region, it is primarily the gorge Che Chkysh, called "Valley of the mountain spirits," Korb Falls, flowing to the lake, Oroktoyskaya ice cave – one of the karsts cave of the Altai Mountains, famous for its relic glacier. The total depth of the cave is 25 meters. Karakokshinskaya cave included in the Red Book, you can reach it only on horseback along a narrow trail. The length of the cave is 490 meters and depth of 24 meters. In the spring, the upper level of the cave is flooded and impassable. The huge hall of the cave called the Eagle Hall, the height of 7 meters. Miraculous Lena Pillars, in the district of which contained the remains of a mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, etc. Golden Mountains of Altai (Golden Mountains of Altai) relate to three areas of the Altai Mountains: Altai and Katun preserves, as well as the plateau Ukok.

Now let’s get back to Russia’s heart.

Acquaintance with Moscow logical should be started with the Kremlin, whose territory first of all, interesting temples and Red Square. Among capitals sightseeing’s should be mentioned the Bolshoi Theater, the Pushkin Art Museum, the Tretyakov Art Gallery etc.

St. Vasily Blazhenny’s Cathedral was built in the years 1555-1561. Ivan the Terrible, in 1552, swore in the case of successful completion of the Kazan campaign to build on Red Square, the grand Cathedral in memory of the campaign, which will honor him forever. The Cathedral consists of nine churches on the same foundation. The magnificent central dome topped by a high canopy with a "fiery" decor. None of the domes are alike. No matter how you approach the cathedral, all the time it seems that this aspect is the main. The height of the temple is 65 meters.

St. Petersburg is called the "Venice of the North". The historic center of the city and county palace and park complexes, museums, bridges and monuments attract many visitors. Especially valuable is the Peterhof, the famous white nights and of course drawbridges. Famous Isaac’s and Kazan Cathedrals, Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, the Mariinsky Palace, the largest museum of art – Russian Museum – all of this priceless heritage of St. Petersburg. The “Hermitage” palace with its rich collection of paintings, furniture, sculpture, summer garden. The bridges are very special attraction of the White Nights in St. Petersburg.

The most famous bridges: the Palace Bridge, Trinity Bridge, the Annunciation Bridge.
During a walk along the Moika River, Griboyedov Canal, Fontanka River and a small exit to the little boats on the Neva River, you will enjoy the same beauty of St. Petersburg. Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory has nearly three-century-long history of porcelain production. Previously, the plant was called Porcelain Manufactory. By order of the XIX century Russian Emperor Alexander III-rd all the orders of the royal family were made in two copies, one of which remained in the museum as an exhibit. “Egyptian sun” on the banks of the Neva river are called the Sphinx standing at the University Embankment. They are the oldest tourist attraction north of the capital: Sphynx account for three and a half thousand years. Emperor Russia bought them during the reign of Emperor Nicholas I. The weight of each sphinx is 23 tons, length – 5.24 meters and 4.50 meters – height. Along the perimeter the sculptures are carved with hieroglyphics. Petersburg Mosque, the largest in Europe, is a tiled wonder. The mosque can accommodate 5,000 people. Its construction contributed to the Emir of Bukhara, and the sample was a mosque Tamerlane (Gur-e Amir) in Samarkand. Unique beauty of the tiles is the merit of the great master Peter Vaulin.

Great Ustug is a place, where you could visit Santa Claus, although there is more sightseeing to look apart from the Santa, for example, the stunning beauty of the temple – Cathedral Court. "The Fairy Tales Pathway,” leading to Santa’s magic house is more delighted by kids. On the ground in front of Santa’s House is arranged masquerade.

As they say it’s impossible to understand Russia by your mind, it could only feel its spirit! A country of contrasts and surprises! Super European capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg, after which the Siberian taiga forests looked just fabulous! Plan your trip and touch the ancient secrets of the mountains or the chic cities it is upon your preferences! Amazing places are enough for a long trip!