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If you have any additional questions after reading the following terms, please contact our support center or our representatives by phone at requested location.

Required Documentation

  1. What credentials are compulsory?

A valid driver’s license and identity card (or passport).

  1. Do I need to have an international driver’s license?

The presence of an international driver’s license is not mandatory if your local license contains a translation in the Latin alphabet.

  1. What if I’ve forgotten my driver’s license or ID?

Regardless of the country, you will still need to present your driver’s license and identity documentation. All up mentioned documents are mandatory.

  1. What if my driver’s license or ID card expires soon?

To rent a car you require valid documentation. The expiration date of your driver’s license or identity documentation should be valid amid the rental period.

  1. What are the age limitations?

Restrictions related to the age of the tenant must be checked in advance in the local office of the company at your rental location.

Additional services

  1. Can anybody else drive a rented vehicle?

Adding an additional driver is possible, but he/she must necessarily be listed in the lease. Terms and conditions of inclusion of an additional driver in the lease are determined by the local offices of Naniko.

  1. Does Naniko offers any additional accessories or services?

All feasible additional accessory and service are always present while booking online and at the office. Quantity and cost of accessories/additional services may vary regarding the place and country of lease. Available supplements can always be found on the local company’s page of your rental.

  1. Is transportation of animals allowed?

Transportation of pets is only allowed in a special transportation cages. Additional requirements may vary confiding on the legislation of the specific country.

  1. Is it possible to rent a car with a driver?

Chauffeur service is available everywhere where Naniko presents service. Terms of the differs reckon on the countries.

  1. Can I pick up my rental at the airport?

Naniko always provides the maximum set of services to its customers. The presence of a car rental service at the airport must be checked in advance at requested location.

  1. What are the mileage restrictions?

The unchanged concept of the company is unlimited mileage in all countries. This benefit is always included in the standard lease.


  1. What are the terms of insurance?

The conditions of standard and supplementary insurance are stipulated by the legislation of a particular country. All conditions and offers for insurance services are presented on the webpage of the local office of the company.

  1. Is it possible to purchase full insurance?

Naniko always presents “super cover” service. Insurance conditions may vary depending on the specifics and legislation of a particular state. All terms and conditions are available at company’s local pages and offices.

Payment Methods

  1. What payment methods are sufficient?

Naniko always provides all basic methods of payment (credit cards, cash payment, bank transfer, etc.). Payment methods may vary based on the specifics of a particular country. The range of payment methods can be wider in some locations and vice versa.

  1. Can I pay for the rental of the different person?

Yes, if payments are made in cash. If you are paying by the credit card, provision of your ID will be required. The case of other payment methods will be considered by the rental office.

  1. In what currency payments are made?

Payments are compassed in the national currency. The conversions (if applicable) are made according to the exchange rate of the national bank of the exact state for both – rental and deposit.

Violation of the contract

  1. What if I return the vehicle with an incomplete tank?

If the fuel level does not match during, you will have to refund the shortage according to the terms of the lease agreement. The compensation will be calculated regarding the contract, and will depend on the location of the lease.

  1. What if I return the car after expiry of rental duration?

The case of late return will be considered in accordance with the lease of a particular office in a particular country. The company provides 30-minute tolerance for being late, but after the expiration of the time the extra fee will be calculated for the full day of the lease.

  1. What if I get a fine while my rental?

If you receive a fine, you will be notified by the police or Naniko Rent A Car. The fines received during the lease are your personal responsibility and you will be obliged to pay them.

Online Reservation

  1. How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

Confirmation letter will be sent by the E-Mail by the reservation department with all the dedicated details.

  1. Can I make changes in confirmed reservation?

To compose changes into the confirmed reservation, you will be required to contact the reservation department. The conditions may vary depending on the rental location.

  1. Is it possible to make changes in the quantity of rental days?

All changes related to the duration of the lease must be agreed in advance with the reservation department. Amount of addition/refund will be calculated according to the lease agreement regarding the lease continuation.

  1. Can I check the car rental price without making reservation?

You can always define cost of your rental by going to local page of the company and specifying the required place and duration of the lease, after which the system will automatically provide you with all rates.

  1. Does the company provide general information about rental whereabouts?

Naniko works hard to ensure that consumers have as few questions as possible. A brief summary of the locality (country, city or specific location) where company’s office is situated is always available. You can find all the summaries by clicking on the “Rental Locations” tab.

  1. What documents are needed to be provided upon arrival at the rental location with online conformation of the booking?

You will need to present reservation proof, driving license and identity card. Requirement may vary regarding the place of lease.

  1. Can I book a car in another country using company’s local page?

Yes, any local page provides access to all available rental locations, regardless from which page you are currently logged in.

  1. Are there any unforeseen expenses not indicated in counted price?

No, the prices always are final, and the additional fee is not included without agreement with the costumer (for example, if you will decide to add an additional service).

General questions

  1. What guarantees does the company provide for a particular car while booking online?

Regardless of the country, Naniko always guarantees:

  • Vehicle class;
  • Type of gearbox;
  • Body type.
  1. Do the terms of the contract differ in different countries?

Yes, because different countries have different legislations and specifics of car rental, which must be observed. Our contract is designed to protect your interests and the interests of Naniko.

  1. What if the car breaks down in the interim of my rental?

If the car breaks down not through your fault, our technical service will deliver you a new one at your location. If the car breaks down due to your fault, then you will have to pay damages based on the contract and if you wish you will be delivered a new car, the rental price will also be calculated according to the terms of the lease.

  1. What if I lose car keys?

If you lose provided keys, you will need to contact Naniko and you will be provided with a new one.

Note: vehicle key is not covered by insurance and you will have to pay full compensation.

  1. What if my car is stolen?

If your rented vehicle is hijacked, you must first contact the police, insurance company and our office. Next, you must provide vehicle keys and tech-passport of the car along with the police report to the nearest office of the Naniko. Your financial responsibility will depend on the type of insurance you selected.

  1. What if I get into a traffic accident?

You must call the police, insurance company and our office. Financial responsibility will depend on the type of insurance you selected.

Note: do not move your car until police arrives, otherwise insurance will not be valid.

  1. When should I return the car?

The car must be returned at the end of your lease period. Vehicle is considered to be inflated when its delivered to the place indicated in the lease agreement and keys transferred to the representative of Naniko.

  1. How contract is signed?

Signing of the contract takes place at the place of vehicle delivery regardless of the country. While booking online or if you have sent the necessary documents in advance, the contract will be prepared in advance, before your arrival.

  1. What does the standard lease provide?

Rental office includes all mandatory payments that match your booking criteria. Such as:

  • Value added tax (VAT) or other local tax;
  • Unlimited mileage;
  • Insurance liabilities – all responsibilities are determined by the legislation of a specific country and will be presented in the lease agreement. Preliminary acquaintance is possible at the local office or web-page.
  1. Is it possible to rent a car hourly?

Calculation of the cost of car rental is based on the number of days and each part-day is paid as a full one, regardless of the place of the rental.

  1. What if I want to cross the border of another country on a rented car?

In this case, you should contact the office of the company where you plan to take the car and you will be provided with all the necessary information.

  1. How do I know what type of fuel is needed?

The type of fuel will be indicated in the vehicle’s technical document, which will be provided during vehicle pick-up.

  1. How does Naniko protect my data while booking online?

Naniko has its own servers and guarantees the security of data transmission and storage. Transmission is protected by encryption of SSL and data are decoded at the arrival to the company’s server.

  1. How can I check the availability of company services in a particular place?

You can visit our international page where all available rental locations are indicated.

  1. How can I contact you?

You can always find the ways of communication on our webpage or at the local office.