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Tbilisi – the perfect city on the boundary of conjunction of Europe and Asia

Tbilisi welcomes its guests as a kind and attentive host, located at the confluence of the two continents, which creates original combination of the identity of the city, giving it a charming and very attractive features.

The metropolis of Georgia, disposed in the South Caucasus, on the banks of the Mtkvari River, is a kind of amphitheater of several levels, protected on three sides by mountains.

The area in which in the fifth century BC was founded Tbilisi by the great king Vakhtang Gorgasali, rich in hot sulfur springs, which exactly gave the name to Tbilisi and in Georgian means a warm place.

Throughout its long and sometimes devastating moments of history, the city has repeatedly had to defend its liberty in the struggles against predatory powers, attracted by its strategic disposition at the crossroads of essential trade routes betwixt Europe and Asia.

The historic core of the town, through its architecture of various eras, reflects the culture of the people who in the past going through brutal wars and battles, defended and up until today denounced the whole identity of the centuries-old capital. The oldest part of the city reflects the Georgian architectural style, with oriental style elements.

Walking through its narrow and winding streets, everywhere you can see houses with characteristic carved balconies in wood. In the same region, located on the right bank of the Mtkvari, is the Sioni Cathedral built between the sixth and seventh centuries, but at the moment dated of 13th centenary. This cathedral has a great significance for the Georgian Orthodox Church, because it kept the cross of St. Nino, which according to legend brought to Christianity in the fourth century.

Visit the magnificent city and plunge into the sea of history and modern charm of Tbilisi!

Meanwhile, on the left side of the Mtkvari River, lies the ancient bridge of Metekhi, leading to the area of Avlabari, and here is also the church of Metekhi, built between 1278 and 1289 years. In Abanotubani located nearby you can visit the oldest traditional sulfur baths, where at their times were many celebrities such as Alexander Dumas, Pushkin and others.

High above the city rises the Mother of Georgia the statue of twenty-meter-high, which can be seen from almost every corner of the city. This interesting and unusual image of a woman in traditional clothes in one hand holding a sword and in another – a cup of wine, with a smile on her face, is the personification of pride and kindness of the people, warning also of the strength of spirit and willingness to meet the enemy with a sword in the hand .

Also great views are open from the ancient fortress Narikala, origins of which predate the foundation of Tbilisi.

Among the many museums in the city, you can visit the Museum of History of Georgia, which shows the ethnographic exhibition and a magnificent collection of antique metal products, also the Fine Arts Museum of Georgia, which presents a collection of Persian, Georgian and Western arts.

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