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About Lithuania: Music frozen in architecture

Lithuania is one of the northern Europe states on the Baltic coast with comfortable sandy beaches, crystal-clear air, beautiful scenery, and an abundance of historical and architectural attractions. The beaches of Palanga, unique Curonian Spit (UNESCO site), famous sanatorium Birshtonas, Neringa Druskininkai and many other unforgettable places will be of interest to anyone who wants to get acquainted with the country, rest in Lithuania or to conduct business here.

The country is located on the East European Plain. In the east it borders the Republic of Belarus, in the south with Poland, from the south-west with Russia (Kaliningrad). The country’s capital is Vilnius. Major cities: Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Panevezys. Lithuania occupies an area 65,300 km ², has a population of about 3.6 million. Except Lithuanians here also live Poles, Belarusians, Russian, Ukrainian, etc. Protection of natural resources and a clean environment are the priorities of the country.

About Lithuania

The temperate climate, spa centers, reasonable prices, a rich cultural heritage and a considerable number of natural attractions key to development of tourism. The country’s entry into the European Union means additional benefits: journey across the Baltic States and Europe, with only one visa.

Vilnius is the city of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas, the founder of Lithuania. Gediminas moved the capital to Vilnius in 1323 from Trakay. This event was followed by the flourishing of Vilnius. At that time, the city acquired a truly European look, and the architecture is experiencing a strong Italian influence. Vilnius is often called the Northern Jerusalem because of neighborhood of four districts in the Old City: Catholic (Lithuanians and Poles), Protestant (German), Jewish and Orthodox (Russian).

The historic center of Vilnius with Baroque masterpieces is among the world cultural heritage by UNESCO. Cobbled streets, flowering avenue, calm people, and flowers everywhere. Church of St. Anne has come down to us almost unchanged and became one of the symbols of Vilnius. Napoleon Bonaparte, struck the grace of the church, wanted to take him to Paris in the palm.

Lithuania will host you with the a special kind of dish shyupinisom porridge, which is cooked with potatoes and peas, with the addition of roasted meat, as well as famous rye bread with cumin seeds and homemade sausage with bacon, and for dessert will offer aromatic rye brew-kvas.

Trakai town is not far from the capital. The town is known for its unusual architecture. The city is protected by the state. The pearl of Trakai is castle-fortress on the water. Residence of the princes of today has become a museum and a place of world music performances celebrities. In addition to tours of the renovated beautiful castle serves a taste of ancient Lithuanian cuisine.

Come to Lithuania, where you will find a part of Europe and maybe will find your inspiration. Travel through the land of lakes and eco-tourism. Rent a car will enable you to create your own unique itinerary.